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October 2019 Blueprint

The October 2019 Blueprint Is Here!
October 2019 Blueprint

In this month's Blueprint you'll find some great information on the Des Moines area home building & remodeling industry.

Our feature articles this month are:

Design: The First Option Isn't Always The Best Option

Amazing design isn’t achieved overnight, anyone can tell you that. This particular remodel holds true to that testament, with a full year turnaround time from start to finish. Now, I’ll stop your wild thoughts right here and tell you that their home was NOT a construction site for a year. READ MORE

Caring For Your Home: Large Remodels Or Additions

When planning for a large
remodel or addition I’ve found
that planning ahead as much as
you can leaves most homeowners
far less stressed and far happier
with the end result. When doing
so, it does seem tedious and often
far more time consuming for the
homeowner, but it gives you a
feeling of more control during
the process when the most of
the process is often out of the
homeowners control and left
up to others to get completed.

Housing Market Update

August 2019 is in my view, a three legged stool of analysis. Closings of residential homes were up 6.9% from last August according to research from the Des Moines Area Association of Realtors; 96 more properties than one year ago. But, pending homes were down almost 15% from July. The days on market average was slightly lower than July, but up 11% over last year. This dovetails with the drop in building permits pulled, dropping from over 3500 in August 2018 to less than 3000 in the 5 counties surrounding Des Moines in August 2019, according to research completed by Edsel Charles and his firm, Market Graphic Research Group. READ MORE

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