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Tom and Jenn recently moved to Des Moines from the Chicago area and found this gem in the Waterbury neighborhood. As they were discussing a remodel with their realtor they came across Kaufman Construction drawings for a proposed remodel for the previous owner. Upon recommendation from their realtor, Tom and Jenn contacted Kaufman Construction.

Though Tom and Jenn knew they wanted to remodel the home, they weren't sure of a concept that would suit their needs. Kaufman Construction's design/build process fit their needs by developing several concepts – ranging from a large addition to the back of the house and updating the existing bath, to expanding and upgrading the existing bath to a spacious suite. After reviewing the costs and benefits of each concept, Tom and Jen made the decision to reconfigure the original floorplan which included the space of a small outdated bathroom and un- useable small bedroom into the master suite remodel you see today. The new space includes luxurious fixtures and finishes that fit the original character of the home and provides a spacious retreat.

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