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About the Project

After living in your house for many years and raising your family, you hope the time has come to change some things to your house that you have always dreamed of doing. That’s what Craig and Susan Walter were looking at. Having a beautiful home in a neighborhood you like is even more of a reason to make some changes.

Have you ever notices that remodeling is sometimes like a snowball? As you continue to “roll” it, it just gets bigger and bigger and bigger! This kind of thing happened in the Walter home. Changes in the kitchen led to changes in the family room which led to changes in the dining room then to living room… Before you know it, it is the entire main level!!

You get the picture. Come on out and see what beautiful changes Remodeling Contractors was able to do to this Clive home.

About the Remodeler

Remodeling Contractors is today’s affordable answer to changing family needs. We understand that every job is unique and different. It’s important to have a contractor who not only understands the project at hand, but also understands and cares for the clients for whom he is working. Remodeling Contractors has been meeting and exceeding the expectations of home owners in the Des Moines area for over 35 years. Our goal is to produce quality work, in a timely manner and at a fair price. Your satisfaction is our highest priority.

Let us be your first step in your remodeling journey.

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