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This renovation blends a host of amazing and functional changes including energy efficiency optimization, indoor air quality, health-centered upgrades and aesthetic customization, while providing this retired couple a home near their grandkids with spectacular natural views of the Jordan Creek Green Belt. This 1983 home was constructed using a double wall system using twice the standard insulation and integrated air-recovery ventilation that no longer supported the house. Diagnostics and improvements required both health considerations and visual updates. We reorganized the home’s layout improving functionality and comfort starting with the once congested entry which now invites homeowners and guests alike into the home’s new open floor plan. A small addition creates a sitting area bringing visual continuity to the rear of the property, while comprehensive exterior improvements elevate the home’s curb appeal. Custom cabinetry, counters, and dining room table built by Silent Rivers, use walnut milled from the homeowners’ prior property. This fostered connection to their past and they remained sustainably minded.

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201 36th St, West Des Moines

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