Selecting a Central Iowa Home Builder or Remodeling Contractor

Selecting a contractor

The selection of a professional homebuilder or remodeling contractor can be somewhat personal decision for homeowners on the hunt for qualified construction services in their Central Iowa communities.

Doing a little extra homework – prior to the start of a construction Selecting a contractorproject – is especially beneficial for those considering a project that may include a weeks-long or months-long construction process, and potential for multiple interactions with the contractor both inside and outside the home.

A good start is to make a list of possible builders or remodelers, and narrow that list based on which are active in your area, as well as their specific field of expertise as it relates to the either new construction or the renovation of an existing home. The National Association of Home Builders recommends that those in the market for home building services or to hire a remodeling contractor should shop carefully by considering the quality and value of work offered while checking references along the way.

From visiting with existing customers of the builders or remodelers active in your neighborhood – to never hesitating to ask a lot of questions during your search – these fact-finding missions are intended to result in the best possible outcome in terms of protecting the investment you’re prepared to make in the new construction or remodel of a Central Iowa home.

Three Tips for Selecting a Contractor

1. Build Rapport

Taking some time to get to know the Central Iowa contractor you’re considering for a building or remodeling job is a good way to test how the two of you will interact or otherwise get along before construction begins. Sit down for an hour. Go out to dinner. See if you click. Building rapport is an important part of the process. If you’re uncomfortable by the end of that first meeting, how will it feel 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks or more into a major remodel or construction of a new home? Prepare a list of questions. Then think through how spending an adequate amount of face time will help you determine if the contractor is a good fit for the personality of your home.

2. Find Reviews

Go online to review a prospective builder’s website and social media. Review their portfolio pages and posts while learning more about a particular approach or style. Some builders may keep an updated list of recent customers, or include a reviews and testimonials page on their websites. You can also ask a contractor directly for the addresses of their recently built or remodeled homes, who their suppliers are, which trainings they've taken part in or certifications received, as well as the names of neighborhoods, developments or subdivisions in which they are currently applying their trade.

3. Seek Referrals

In addition to considering a homebuilder or remodeler’s credentials or affiliations with ethically bound and community driven industry trade groups such as the Home Builders Association of Greater Des Moines – or organizations like the Better Business Bureau – you can also ask your family, friends or real estate agent to provide recommendations based on their personal or professional experiences with selecting a contractor to build or improve a Central Iowa home.