Whether you are remodeling or building a new home or office, attention to planning for technology in the space is imperative as it could have an impact on the reliability of current and future smart technology devices that customers can’t seem to get enough of. Have you noticed how many wireless things are part of a connected home? Technology is no longer a nice to have, it is a must, when creating the perfect modern living space.

Today, devices are made to be high performing, outpacing most network’s capacities in the areas of speed, clarity and Wi-Fi. These devices use huge amounts of bandwidth which requires the support of a well-planned network infrastructure. If you are going to have walls open, it is the best time to install wiring that will support smart technologies now and in the future. The sooner the smart technology designer is involved in the design process, the better, as simple mistakes can be avoided. I’ve seen homeowners wish they had speaker cables wired to the kitchen, to bigger issues, like proper seating layout missed in a theater room.

To some, it might not make sense to hardwire for the future, however tech is moving at such a pace that it is best to think ahead based on what we currently know about the coming technologies. Making choices like where to put fiber or cat 6 cable, the multitude of different wires required to support smart home automation or even understanding the need to have a dedicated closet to locate the smart home equipment can be crucial at the very conception of a project. Once the project is designed, the walls are closed, and the space is decorated; the level of technology becomes limited by cost and inconvenience.

A challenge for many in the design trade is keeping up with technology. A good smart technology integration company keeps their people trained and stays ahead with close connections to vendor partners, making them an invaluable partner in the design process. When the architect, builder, technology integrator and interior designer collaborate, a fully integrated plan is created and used during the construction process. This makes certain that the right technology is installed at the right phase of the construction process. This gives the technology designer the big picture of what the client wants, so that they can contribute to the design. At Reference AVS, we truly believe in the design process – if we can understand and collaborate on the customer’s vision, then we can make it a reality. For example, many customers want everything to be concealed, no wires or speakers being seen, while others want WiFi extended outside the home to cover their entire property.

How about further aesthetics such as hidden TV solutions or speakers that look like light fixtures because the client wants the electronics to be integrated with the decor? Knowing your customer and their goals is crucial, especially when it comes to technology that touches almost every aspect of life. The creativity and knowledge gained with a team approach often results in projects that not only make a customer happy, but truly makes their dream come true, setting the foundation for a trustworthy lasting relationship.


A smart home or office offers innovative technology solutions that make life easier. These technologies can be seamlessly integrated into the beautiful and functional design of a home or commercial building. Categories include whole home audio, video, lighting, shading, security, Wi-Fi/networking, wellness and more. Smart home automation offers customized control using an app on a mobile device, tablet, or keypad, as well as through voice control. Homeowners can create preset scenes to meet their lifestyles. They can wake up in the morning with the shades automatically open and their favorite news show playing on TV. When arriving home from work, the thermostat is set to the perfect temperature and their favorite tunes streaming throughout the home. At bedtime, press a button and set the entire home into goodnight mode – lights out, shades down, security on, TVs and music off. How about enjoying a movie theater-style experience in the comfort of your home?

A home theater can be created in a dedicated room or in a family room. That theater room can also be used for exercise, meditation or as a video game room. Smart tech is not just for the indoors. Take the luxury of technology outdoors. Create a resort style backyard where you can lay by the pool in the summer listening to your favorite tunes or watch football or the latest movies on your weatherproof outdoor TV.

Customers will want to protect their home with a video surveillance or smart home security system that is connected to their network. The custom system gives the ability to see who is at the front door when you are in the backyard or in another country. On the commercial side, the network infrastructure is important as well as audio and video distribution; video conferencing; phone systems; security and surveillance; lighting and shading; and automation. Another consideration is wellness and emergency preparedness, especially in schools and office spaces where we can use technology to adapt to the times.

Connected living offers endless possibilities to use intuitive technology to improve lifestyles at the touch of a button. Systems can now be controlled from in the home or commercial space to anywhere in the world. I invite you, the building community, to look into the world of automation to deliver the future now.

By Todd Guerrero

Owner Reference Audio Video & Security

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