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About the Project

Chris and Sue have taken a step by step approach at remodeling their home, and because they love Devan’s designs so much, they keep coming back. In past years, we’ve remodeled their master bathroom, guest bath, and front porch. Their most recent project was this year when we remodeled their living room and porch. The major pain points Chris and Sue dealt with before the remodel were a lack of flow with their existing area and an awkward layout with limited furniture placement options. Their wishes were to create an overflow space for when they had guests and to enhance the porch area that was just off the living room. The result is a transformed main floor that flows easily from one room to the next with beautiful features like the new cement see-through fireplace and unique ceilings in both rooms.


About the Remodeler

You’ll never hear the phrase “good enough” uttered at Kaufman Construction. When Devan Kaufman founded the company in 1999, he knew that he wasn’t going to be happy simply meeting his clients’ needs. In fact, he made surpassing expectations a priority that is still a guiding principle today!

We believe a successful remodel begins with open communication and creative design solutions. We’ll listen to your ideas, understand your concerns, and work together to create a plan that improves functionality for your lifestyle.

Our design-build approach focuses on producing comfortable, livable spaces without taking shortcuts that compromise quality. Well thought-out design, innovative use of space, superior craftsmanship and attention to detail ensure that you’ll thoroughly enjoy your new kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, family room or addition for years to come.

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