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April 30, 2018 by Melisa Cox
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The annual Spring Tour of Homes Sale starts this weekend, and hundreds of homes from the area’s top builders will be open April 21-22 and April 28-29 from 1-4 p.m. Plus, there are incentives and upgrades on every single one!

You can start planning your route at where you’ll see all participating homes and can search by location, builder, development, price and more!

Here’s a quick guide to attending a new construction open house!

Use Your Creativity

Some of the homes will be staged with furniture, but many of them will be empty. You might need to use your creativity to imagine how your couch will look in an area or what kind of artwork you’ll put on the walls. You should also peek into empty cabinets and closets to get a better idea of the space. Make sure to visit the Iowa Realty website when you get home to see professional photos of every single room so you can look back and remember what you saw.

Talk to the Realtor

The Realtor at each house is an expert on that builder. So, if you love the style of the home you’re in but maybe need an extra bedroom or maybe the price is a little more than you can afford, the Realtor will know all about other homes by the builder or how to get started with a custom home.

How Many to See?

Take advantage of the fact that this sale runs for two weekends! If you try to cram in too many open houses in one day, you’ll start to feel overwhelmed and tired and the homes will start to run together. As a general rule, plan to see 3-5 in one day. Of course, several builders will have multiple homes in one development open during the tour, so if you’re in one of those areas, it’s a good idea to wonder around the neighborhood and pop into multiple houses so you can see some of the differences.

Make a List of Wants and Needs Before You Go

You probably have a running list of things you’re thinking about for your new home, but writing them down and clearly distinguishing what’s an absolute must and what you’re flexible on will be helpful.

Should You Bring Children?

This one is completely up to you, but children are absolutely welcome at the open houses! Some Realtors even have coloring books or scavenger hunts to help keep them entertained.

What if You’re Not Planning to Buy Right Now?

That’s totally fine! Open houses are good commitment-free opportunities to see what’s on the market and get an idea of what your money will buy. If your plan is to buy in a year or two or even if you have no plans to buy and just want to tour some houses and see the newest trends, the Spring Tour of Homes Sale is a great chance to do that.


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